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We have put in operation the new apartment building in the Building block of Sigulda

Today, on 12 December 2012, upon festive signing of the transfer record, we have put in operation our fourth apartment building in the building block of Sigulda at 7 Dzervenu Street in Sigulda.

The construction operations of the building were started in the spring of this year. The building has 4 floors and 12 apartments. The architect Varis Rungevics has created a bit different exterior of the building

Inserted: 12.12.2012
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Our employee Dace Vilumsone has delighted us with very beautiful, self-made greeting cards this year too

The greeting cards will bring joy to our former employees – retired men, whom we always try to cheer up with some lovely holiday gifts from year to year. The greeting cards are a handicraft made by Dace. Every card is special.

Thank you very much to Dace for the wonderful greeting cards!

Inserted: 10.12.2012
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JSC „Siguldas Būvmeistars” completed works in reconstruction of the Centre of daytime employment of the Society „Aicinājums Tev” by the address A.Kronvalda street 4, Sigulda

In September 2012 JSC „Siguldas Būvmeistars” completed works in reconstruction of the Centre of daytime employment by the address A.Kronvalda street 4, in Sigulda.

During the reconstruction part of inner walls was rebuilt, there were partly laid new floors, installed new double glazed window units, installed new entrance and inner doors.

There was completely changed the system of water supply and sewerage. New electrical installation was arranged

Inserted: 23.11.2012
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We commissioned the building site „Construction of Sigulda Water Supply and Sewerage networks, 2 stage of procurement” SA 2011 04 (Nr.25)

This year, on 21st November, (before the due date) we successfully commissioned the building site „Construction of Sigulda Water supply and Sewerage networks, 2 stage of procurement” SA 2011 04 (Nr.25).

In terms of the Sigulda project there were laid gravity sewers in streets Chiatura, Saules, Berzu, Satiksmes, Talavas, Lapu un Purva

Inserted: 22.11.2012
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JSC "Siguldas Būvmeistars" is the third biggest income tax payer in Sigulda region in 2011

On 18th November, in the festive day of proclamation of the republic of Latvia, the council chairman of Sigulda region Ugis Mitrevics congratulated the residents and named people of the year, the honourable residents of Sigulda region and presented them with ceremonial certificates and thanks letters in the field of enterprenership, education, culture and other fields. Altogether 75 residents of the region were mentioned

Inserted: 20.11.2012
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We have completed renovation works of the Sports School of Sigulda’s facade

We have completed renovation operations of the Sports School of Sigulda’s facade. During renovation the building was insulated with stone wool, paying special attention to the details and connections, using the profiled and even steel sheets of the same color in the facade

Inserted: 20.11.2012
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We completed works at the site „New wastewater treatment plant design and construction works in village Ritausma of parish Islice”

On 16th November with red band cutting there was put into operation Islice wastewater treatment plant in village Ritausma.

During the project implementation there was the old chlorine chamber demolished and new wastewater treatment plant built with capacity 772m3/day , consisting of pre-treatment station, aeration tanks and outlet facilities. The plant is fully automated.
There have been also the office building of 64m2, the roofed sludge deposit site of 240m2, roads and squares (stone block paving) of 1270m2 and outdoor networks (sewerage - 220m long, water supply - 100m long) built

Inserted: 16.11.2012
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JSC „Siguldas Būvmeistars” sponsors the Sigulda benchpress team

The Sigulda team won the 3rd place in the benchpress competitions.

On 10th November the 16th stage of Latvia Benchpress wars Cup took place in Sigulda primary school Nr.1 gym complex. Sigulda Cup, organised in honour of Lachplesis day, became popular, as for the first time in seven years 103 sportsmen from different cities of Latvia participated in Sigulda competition

Inserted: 15.11.2012
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