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Public Support Programme
Public Support Programme






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Public Support Programme of JSC “Siguldas Būvmeistars”

JSC “Siguldas Būvmeistars” is a socially responsible company of Sigulda Region, conducting its entrepreneurial activity within the territory of the Republic of Latvia.

Our priorities when implementing the public support programme

The most important value of our company is our employees and their families.
The children and young people of Sigulda, people with special needs, as well as the environment and culture are important to us.

Our current support

We have our own cycling and football teams, who have already proved themselves being competitive and settled teams throughout a period of several years and it is a great opportunity for our employees to stay in good shape, relax after work and during the time out of work.
Company has found an opportunity to assist its employees in different situations of their lives when it was necessary.
We have developed successful cooperation with the Dukurs family for many years, and we are genuinely honored and glad to support these gifted sportsmen and their teams.
We also support the children and people with special needs in Sigulda. During a period of many years, since we are active in business, we have developed cooperation with several institutions – Sigulda Regional Council, Society “Ceribu sparni”, Society “Aicinajums Tev”, Society “Siguldas badmintona klubs”, Society “Siguldas Rotari klubs”, Latvian Children’s Fund, Society “Basketbola klubs Sigulda”, Society “Sporta un interesu klubs RO”.

What we can do to support

Every year the general meeting of the company’s shareholders approves the budget. The budget also includes a section on sponsorship.
Unfortunately this amount is not always enough to help and support everyone asking for support. During the course of years we have developed cooperation with several institutions we have supported and intend to support in the future because these organizations reply on our help.
There is not always financial support needed. Sometimes it is possible to help with our work or knowledge, providing a piece of advice or sharing our experience. Our employees are very open and ready to help in this respect.

What events we support:

• Events to support the employees and their families,
• Events contributing to development of children and young people,
• Events that improve the quality of life of people.

What events we do not support:

• Events with political and religious reasons,
• Events promoting use of alcohol and tobacco,
• Events promoting gambling activities.

How to apply

Applications for support, sponsorship and any other requests for help should be sent by e-mail to:, specifying what kind of help is needed, including some information on the project to be implemented and contact information.