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AS “Siguldas Būvmeistars” Ilgtspējas indeksa novērtēšanā ir ieguvis sudraba kategorijas novērtējumu.

AS "Siguldas Būvmeistars" savu darbību ir sertificējis atbilstoši starptautiski zināmiem standartiem - ISO 9001:2015 Kvalitātes vadības sistēma, OHSAS 18001:2007 Arodveselības un darba drošuma pārvaldības sistēma un ISO 14001:2015 Vides pārvaldības sistēma.

Dolomite Quarry “Tūrkalne”
Dolomite Quarry “Tūrkalne”






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Dolomite quarry “Tūrkalne” is located 36 km from Riga near the highway Riga-Madona.

JSC „Siguldas Būvmeistars” has been engaged in dolomite extracting and processing since Year 1998. Great experience has been obtained, as well as stable sales of production have been ensured. The company manages more than 150 ha large quarry.

than 150 ha large quarry. In Year 2004 JSC “Siguldas Būvmeistars” made an investment in the new machinery in order to ensure production of new products.

Using the support from EU structural foundations in Year 2005, there were invested more than 600 000LVL in the quarry.

In 2006 was installed a new auto weighing-machine and purchased new technics. Together with Checz specialists we manufactured new machinery to increase the quality of washing the flinders by maximally using the source material.

In 2007 we continued the quarry development as well as modernization and improvement. At the moment we offer our clients a new product – we have started production of a new dolomite splinter mix of 0-56 mm and for this dolomite splinter mix we have received Producers Control and Product Conformity Certificate issued by Certification Centre of Latvian Academy of Sciences.

In 2008 we continued active work. To provide the higher service and high-quality work of the quarry we improved the scales system, purchased new technique - bulldozer Komatsu and modernized technological devices. We began the production of new, certificated product - dolomite splinter mix, fraction 0 - 56 mm.

In 2009, thinking of the industry's further development, we drew up and agreed the project for the further dolomite production.

In 2011 we have invested in further quarry development – we created new output and purchased new equipment.

In 2012 large investments were made to improve the equipment in the quarry. In 2012 we became one of the leaders in production of dolomite chips.

In 2013 we started producing a new certified product – a mixture of dolomite chips, a fraction of 0-63ps.

In 2015 we added new products to product range and now we offer also certified dolomite chips mixtures 0/32, 0/45, 0/56, 0/63 and 0/63ps LA40. These mixtures can be used in roads construction, in producing concrete and reinforced concrete products (they comply with the standard LVS EN 13242+1:2009).

In 2016 we started sourcing of production on new territories of our quarry.

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Dolomite quarry “Tūrkalne”


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